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  What is Liuli?

Liuli, is an idea, an emotion.


To LIULI, “Liuli” means many things:
--It is the “Liuli” from the Liuli ear cup found in the Western Han tomb of Emperor Liu Sheng.

--It is the ”Liuli” from the words of “Like Scattered Clouds, the Fragility of Liuli” by Tang poet Bai Juyi.

--It is the “Liuli” from the scripture of the Medicine Buddha that states, “May the moment come when I attain enlightenment, the body, even the soul become as Liuli. Pure, transparent, flawless”.

To LIULI, Liuli is more than a material, more than a creative medium; it is a state of being, a form of life.

LIULI was established in 1987.  From scratch, they mastered the lost-wax casting technique (also known as pâte-de-verre or cire-perdue).  Through constant nurturing, LIULI elevated the creative realm of pâte-de-verre to a new level that no one has reached before.

Today the term “Liuli” is widely used throughout the Chinese world and approximately hundreds of craft workshops.  But how many people do they truly understand the meaning of “Liuli”?

The term “Liuli” first was appeared in the Western Zhou Dynasty as a reference to the lead-barium glass produced at the time.  “Gongfang” originated from the Song and Ming Dynasties as a common word for workshop.  LIULI believes that if thought and emotion are neglected, technique and material will never evolve past the surface level.

This is why we did not the adopt the common French or English terms for “crystal glass” and instead opted for the phonetic Chinese spelling of “Liuli”.  Instilling this significance into our creative material and it represents the importance the cultural and historical connection for LIULI.


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