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Two Winning Pieces by Loretta Hui-shan Yang in the 38th International Glass Invitational Award
at 2010/6/23 上午 11:14:20
The 38th International Glass Invitational Award
Winning Pieces “Chrysanthemum Dance” and “Higher Contemplation” by Loretta Hui-shan Yang
The 38th International Glass Invitational at Habatat Galleries took place this past spring and featured over 250 pieces of contemporary Liuli art from 100 of the most influential glass masters in the world. In conjunction with the Washington Museum of Glass, Habatat Galleries presented 20 international glass art awards including two to former 37th International Glass Invitational award recipient Loretta Hui-shan Yang for her “Chrysanthemum Dance” and “Higher Contemplation” pieces. This places Yang on par with noted glass artists such as Martin Blank, Paul Stanker and Ann Wolff.
In 1971, Ferdinand Hampson founded Habatat Galleries in Michigan for the purpose of promoting contemporary Liuli art. In 2001, Hampson teamed up with Liuligongfang for the influential International Glass Art Exhibition in Shanghai. Habatat Galleries currently has four additional galleries in Florida, Chicago, Virginia and Michigan and represents the most important contemporary American Liuli artists. Habatat Galleries’ annual International Glass Invitational at their Royal Oak headquarters is one of the most significant events in the American Liuli art world and the awards presented at the exhibition offers validation to the artists for their past year’s work. Whether technically or conceptually, it is a boost to the artist’s innovation and progress.
On display at the entrance of the 38th International Glass Invitational at Habatat Galleries were two pure and colorless Liuli flowers of colossal proportion. Spectators could not help but be awed by the opulent bloom of “Chrysanthemum Dance” and the enigmatic undulations of “Higher Contemplation”. Through these two pieces from the Proof of Awareness series; Yang presents a perspective on life and the obscure views of impermanence expressed in Chinese culture to a Western audience.
“It is hard to believe that these pieces were produced by pâte-de-verre from singular molds.”   These words echoed through the exhibit from collectors and artists alike and are proof of Yang’s exceptional talent and reputation in the international Liuli arts world. Stylistically unique and technically unmatched, this is the accomplishment of a Chinese Liuli artist who just several years back was an accomplished actor with no prior experience in sculpting.
This exhibition showcases the unique ethos and styles of each Liuli artist on display. Czech artist Stanislav Libensky’s student Vladimira Klumpar received another award this year to add to her win at the 35th Invitational. Drawing from life and her city, she injects color and structural inspiration into her work. Paul Stankard’s art is a reflection of his gentle and charming nature; he combines the incredible glass spinning and gluing techniques, creating a miniature Garden of Eden with each piece.
In 40 years, Habatat Galleries has positioned Liuli art as a main contender in the art world. Their Royal Oak headquarters boasts 120,000 square feet of exhibition space. A former factory in an industrial zone, it is hard to believe this as the birthplace of the renowned Habatat Galleries.   Three days prior to the grand opening soiree, Habatat opened its doors to its members courtesy of the G.A.S.(Glass Art Society).  Those three days were filled with workshops, artist events and a tour of the Hampson’s private collection at their residence.

Standing in the exhibition hall, I could not help but recall Liuligongfang; similarly situated in an industrial area on the outskirts of Shanghai, similarly nurturing this mesmerizing art form for the last couple of decades. Beautiful cherry blossoms feel like rain outside the large glass windows as I entered the office to chat with Ferdinand Hampson, I was again reminded of the row of peach blossom trees lining the artist studios back in Shanghai. Habatat Galleries’ efforts in North America are both praise-worthy and astounding.

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Two Winning Pieces by Loretta ...